Slava N. Beskhmelnitskiy

Contact Information

Address: 27 Meadowlands Park,
Dun Laoghaire,
Co. Dublin,
The Republic of Ireland
Phone : +353 1 - 663-7850
E-mail : [email protected]

Personal Profile


Managing Director of RIBC


Masters of Engineering, Masters of Law (International administrative Law), PhD (Candidate of Economic and Social Sciences)


.............Slava Beskhmelnitskii have reputation as pioneer launched of the Russian-English language version online web site where were information about Ireland-Russia. It is the definitive brand of quality information and services for Russia- Ireland aimed at Russian-Irish Internet users and the expanding Russian- Irish interest market. More than 20 stand-alone sites covering breaking news, business, technology, sports, jobs, tourist information, entertainment listings, a Dublin city guide and heritage places.
.............He is specialising in designed and delivered management development consulting for private, multinational and public service organisations through the Russian Irish Business Club.
.............Before he was Managing Director and Senior Advisor of the Russian Transcontinental Financing Industrial Corporation (RTFIC), a privately held investment management organization, introducing Russian clients to the Irish Market, where he responsible for all aspects of strategies developed and implemented. Development and promotion of company market share in Russia and Eastern European Markets.
.............In addition, Slava was Equity Analyst and then Director of Dendey's. Slava has Group Managing Director of Corporate Affairs for the Dendey company. Based in Estonia.
.............Prior to moving to the private sector, he had many years experience in the public sector with the Soviet Air Force, Russia. He held many roles in the technical, training and management consultancy areas.
.............Slava is married to Liliy and they have one daughter, his hobbies comprise an involvement with selected charities, bridge "belot" and occasional sporting activities.


.........He has written more than 50 articles/reports on the Ireland, including "Irish Exchange Market" (1997), "Financial institution in Ireland" (1998), "Food Industry in Ireland" (1999), "Tourism Industry in Ireland" (2000), "Russian Embassy in Ireland" (2001). He is the author of two books:
- "The Irish Corporate Procedures" (1999);
- "Ireland" (2003). The object of this popular scientific book is to give a general overview of the economic, social and cultural life of Ireland, its history and governmental structure. It is designed mainly for people abroad with an interest in Russian speaking countries. While the material in the booklet is intended to cover the most important areas of Irish life.

Research Interest

  • The most advanced scientific methods management of projects between Ireland and Eastern Europe countries;

Slava can be emailed at [email protected] if you have any queries or questions for him.



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