«The secret life of the river Shannon» brings viewers on a spectacular journey

The natural history documentary,
The natural history documentary, «The Secret life of the river Shannon», focuses on one of Ireland’s greatest geographical features. Photo by: Tourism Ireland

One of the most interesting documentaries made in recent years, “The secret life of the Shannon,” brings viewers on a truly spectacular journey along one of Ireland’s greatest geographical features.

The natural history documentary is presented by Colin Stafford Johnson. Over the past two decades Stafford-Johnson has tracked and filmed animals all over the world, including tigers in India and birds of paradise in New Guinea.

In 2006, he won an Emmy for cinematography in the film «Mississippi — Tales of the Last River Rat» for Discovery Channel. He has also worked with renowned broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough on the well-received BBC series «Planet Earth.»

This natural history documentary reveals the secret lives of the wild inhabitants of the Irish shores. Over the two years of production, Colin traveled the full length and of the river Shannon dozens of time to bring viewers the remarkable portrait of one of Ireland’s best known rivers.


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