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the Book Perceptions of Ireland


Book on Ireland in the Russian language

........We are delighted to inform you of the publication of ‘Perceptions of Ireland’, a new illustrated book on Ireland in the Russian language. This publication provides an overview of the economic, social, political and cultural life of Ireland and is the first such resource on Ireland to be published in Russian. The book is targeted at Russian-speakers with a personal or business interest in Ireland and aims to foster Russian-Irish relations. It is an unparalleled source of information on Ireland in Russian, and as such would be extremely useful for your work in both the Irish and Russian markets.
........This innovative book has a wide scope and is assured a large readership in Russia and abroad. It is divided into forty-nine sections and covers topics including Irish culture, music, history and folklore, transportation and the Irish political system. At the end of each section, the contact numbers and addresses of public and private organisations relevant to the topic are included. This means that readers can easily access further information about particular topics of interest to them.
........We are convinced that this book marks a significant advance in Irish-Russian relations.

We have come a long way - but we still have a long way to go

Reference book for businesspeople
Homemaker's reference book
Useful gift for friends
A handbook for tourist
In addition, it's a rare book
For all occasions !

of Ireland


Ireland inside out
in the Russian Language


Overview of the economic, social and cultural life of Ireland, its
history and governmental structure

Limited edition reference illustrated book Perception of Ireland

a bridge between
Ireland - Russia

Overview of the economic, social and cultural life of Ireland, its history and governmental structure.
: Slava Beskhmelnitskii

........- 264pp A5
........- 49 chapters
........- 60 000 words
........- 175 illustration
........- Over 300 contact addresses
........- 1500 proper and common nouns, their transcript and meaning

ISBN 0-9542817-0-5 - England
ISBN 0-9733634-2-8 - Canada

........The book Perception of Ireland is available:

- At the Irish, Scotch, Wales and English Universities libraries;
- Book-store 'International Book' - 18 South Frederick Street, D.2, tel: 679 93 75;
- Cathedral Shop of Russian Orthodox Church - Mount Argus Road, Harold Cross, D.6W, tel: 496 90 38;











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