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Welcome to the Website where you can learn about the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Ireland.
This web pages will inform you about the range of activities carried out by the Embassy in developing their relations with Ireland.

They also explain the services which the Embassy can offer you, and provide links to a host of websites in the Russian Federation where you can find out more about Russia as a whole. Please feel free to contact any of staff of the Russian Federation Embassy by email, telephone or fax should you require further assistance.



....... Unfortunately it is not possible at the present time for this Website to have complete information on various aspects of the Embassys services.
....... I have endeavored on several occasions since April 2001 to obtain this information. However it appears the Embassy staff are extremely busy and unable to address my queries.
....... Nevertheless it is my sincere hope that they will be in a position to do so in the near future. Until then we thank you for your understanding. Should you require any further details please contact the Embassy directly.

Slava Beskhmelnitskii

For further details please contact:
tel: (01) 492 34 92
fax: (01) 492 35 25






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