Why Guinness really is good for you

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The old slogan, “Guinness is Good For You,” might actually be true. Well, partly true. Though the company dropped the slogan years ago, that drinking a moderate amount of Guinness might make you healthier.

The slogan was born in the 1920s after Guinness drinkers kept reporting that they felt good after drinking a pint. While they may have been angling for free beer, it turns out they were onto something—and doctors started listening. Surgery patients, blood donors and pregnant or nursing women were given Guinness because it’s vitamin and iron rich.

Medicine drifted away from Guinness therapy over the decades, but in 2003 scientists from the beer-loving state of Wisconsin reported to a meeting of the American Heart Association that dark stout beers like Guinness are good for your heart. In theory, drinking a pint with a meal may be as effective against blood clotting as popping a low-dose aspirin. While some of the effect is from the alcohol, the research showed that stouts are better for the heart than lagers. One hypothesis is that the antioxidant compounds in stouts like Guinness give it a boost—but further study is needed.

What’s less of a doubt is that Guinness is also good for your waistline. Despite its reputation as a heavy beer, Guinness actually has fewer calories and carbs than most light beers. On top of that, Guinness’ thick & rich consistency helps you drink it slowly and feel fuller, sooner.

While this doesn’t mean Guinness will cure what ails you or should replace real healthcare, it’s nice to see that there’s some truth to the legend and that a Guinness or two is good for you.

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