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5 Ways You’re Screwing Up Irish Coffee

12.03.2016 Слава Ирландская кухня

Dale DeGroff identifies common pitfalls—and offers tips for making the cocktail the right way. This is not supposed to be a tricky cocktail. The idea is simple: Mix coffee, whiskey, sugar and cream. But bartenders find a million ways to sabotage the drink. Cocktail expert Dale DeGroff, who’s been making Irish Coffees for decades, explains […]


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Irish Coffee for your Thurs night — cold & foggy in Eire

02.10.2015 Слава Ирландская кухня

Ingredients: whipping cream 7 tbsp. sugar 1 oz Irish whiskey hot brewed coffee Grated nutmeg or ground cinnamon (optional) Preparation: In a large mixing bowl, beat cream and 3 tablespoons sugar until very soft peaks form (consistency should be just pourable). Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. Heat 8 wineglasses by pouring very hot […]


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