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Russian Irish Business Club


Department of Research

Confident Decisions Are Made with Accurate Facts

........The RIBC provides a collection of resources in order to help you to make better business decisions.
........Access to market research in the Russian-speaking market enables you to precisely calculate all of the necessary parameters of the target market. This, in turn, creates favourable conditions for the realisation of effective advertising campaigns to ensure expected profit and/or avoidance of unnecessary expenses and commercial risks.
........There is a myth that market research is expensive and complicated. However, each of us understands, market research can be conducted effectively by ourselves. For this purpose it is only necessary:
........- To have a working knowledge of organization in order to collect and analyse information about the market
........- To know how to independently use a tool kit of organisation and realisation of market analysis of outcomes in order to draw up a report.

........There is also a myth that market research is simple and cheap. We do not share this point of view. If you have a requirement for market research please contact us.

Section 47 of the Freedom of Information Act, 1997 provides for fees, which may be charged. The level of fees are currently set in accordance with Statutory Instruments Nos. 139 of 1998 and 13 of 1997:
- € 20.95 per hour - search and retrieval.
- € 0.06 per sheet for a photocopy.
- € 1.00 for a 3.5 inch computer diskette.
- € 10.16 for a CD-ROM.
A deposit may be payable where the total fee is likely to exceed € 50.00.


The RIBC consistently represents an image of professionalism, solidity and prestige
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