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Russian Irish Business Club


Department of Enterprise Representation

........Do you have a plan to establish an Enterprise in Russia?

........The foreign industrial links created in Russia are, as you know, mostly with companies from the countries of the EU and Northern America. America frequently allows tax relief on production and technologies within the Russian market.

........Some Irish companies also create industrial branches in Russia. There are seven or eight Irish bars in Moscow, two of which are Irish-owned, although the Irish involvement in retailing and in Irish pubs in Moscow and St. Petersburg has declined. Several Irish-registered oil and mineral exploration companies have interests in Russia including Aminex, Celtic Resources Holdings plc (which, in June 1996 entered into a 45% stake joint-venture in a large proven gold deposit in the Republic of Sakya, Yakutia) and Dana Exploration. CRH's purchase of Scancem's operations in Eastern Europe has given them ownership of two readymix cement operations in St. Petersburg.

........We participate in their work in promoting equipment and scientific technologies from Ireland in Russia. We assist in:
- Defining their organisation's legal basis in Russia
- Adapting business plans and the development of business offers for the Russian market
- Market research and feasibility studies
- Recruitment of staff, the leasing (and/or purchase) of suitable locations for production and storage facilities
- The fostering of business contacts and the development of economic, scientific and/or technical co-operation
- Overseeing the fulfilment of contracts
- Administration of market opportunities
- Providing information and consultation in trade shows and advertising campaigns.

........Do you plan to establish an industrial representative in Russia? Do you need our assistance?
........It is necessary to become familiar with the market, to evaluate its possibilities. Time is required for each company to be created and to develop the infrastructure for liaising with Russian companies.

........If you have a competent Business-plan for an industrial offshoot in Russia please contact us.


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